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Time For Me To Be Me

Although Reality Isn't As Much Fun

Sassy Ass Woman
I have no mental disorders to complain about, no drama in my life. I guess, really, I just have no life.

But it's ok, because I have a Live Journal. My life is fulfilled. Chances are, there's not going to be much here. I have others that take up way too much of my time, but that could be because they're way more fun. Don't ask what they are. I won't tell you. Unless you're nice...and bribe me with Diet Pepsi and baseball tickets.

Way too obsessed with the Yankees and baseball in general. Wait..I guess that could be considered a mental disorder.

I'm a funeral director for my family's business. Yeah, yeah, it's morbid. Someone's gotta do it. Would you? Oh and there's not a funeral joke that I've not heard yet, so don't even try it.

I have a BA in Psychology & a BS in Sociology with a concentration in criminal justice. I'd originally wanted to go into federal law enforcement, but family duties called. Plus my parents were afraid I'd get shot.

Photography is my hobby. My journal entries can be photo heavy at times. I travel a lot, almost a trip out of town a month, so I write about that in excruciating details. During the baseball season, I have lots of photos of the Yankees, the Reds and their AAA team, the Louisville Bats since they're local.

Dexter is THE best show on television and if you argue with me, I'll Dexter-ize you :p

Oh and I've come to find out that I'm a post whore. I like to think it's all worthy of reading, but I'm guessing 99% of it's not. Wow, I'm not making a very good case for you to friend me, am I?

I can't believe that we would
Lie in our graves
Wondering if we had
Spent our living days well
I can't believe that we would
Lie in our graves
Dreaming of things that we
Might have been